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Greek Tragedy, Europe’s Achilles Heel?; OWS Sotheby Workers Rally at $500 Million Auction

Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report
National Edition 27:53
Produced by Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg
Greek Tragedy, Europeâs Achilles Heel?
Leo Panitch, Professor of Political Science at York University, Canada
and Editor of the Socialist Register.

As the G-20 economic summit met austerity was sweeping
Europe, the future of the Eurozone was in doubt and then the Greek government
collapsed over its proposed new debt agreement with the European
Union. The deal was reached by European leaders to stabilize the Euro and to
avoid Greek default on its debt to the banks or its leaving the euro currency zone. Anger among Greek citizens stems from the proposed agreementâs focus on
more austerity to repay the bank loans leading to increased unemployment. A
new world recession may be drawing closer after the G-20 failed to agree on
fresh financial help for distressed countries.
Hey Union Busting Is Disgusting! -
Joining the Sotheby Workers Protest with OWS

Some 400 protesters in NYC greeted Sotheby's $500 million auction with a
high-spirited, very high-decibel demonstration in solidarity with its locked-out workers. Despite making record profits last year, the auction house is demanding wage and benefit cuts, and the replacement of skilled, union workers with unskilled, non-union temporary workers.Several unions, including other Teamster locals,UAW, CWA, LiUNA, TWU, SEIU and UFT were represented at the demonstration, together with Hunter, NYU and Columbia University students and faculty, and of course Occupied Wall Street activists six of whom were arrested in an act of civil disobedience.
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Reviewer: Martin_Kraemer_Liehn - - November 14, 2011
Subject: fabulous variety of sounds, put together with a sure hand
This sound composition covers a wide range of action forms. The collage shows class struggle on the streets and in the notions turning our heads. When do we reach the level of general empowerment that building bridges lets the disenfrachised African American voices speak with the same lengthyness as the professorial old-style instructors? Developped further consistently, this collage aproch from beneath might lead to the end of expertism, still a bit of a way to go from this show but you are on the right road...and we are with you

Martin from Ukraine